June 9, 2013

Happy Pride Day

This weekend I dawned some rainbow nails and journeyed off to West Hollywood. I hope when Pride Weekend (or Day) comes to your neck of the woods you do the same. If "pride" isn't celebrated where you live, then do something about it, isn't important that we celebrate our gigantic strides (and bring attention to the ones we still need to make) towards bringing equality to the millions of individuals who identify as LGBT. 
Fortunately I do not have six fingers, unfortunately yellow got excluded from the spectrum. Indeed yellow is my favorite color but my nail polish was too gummy and would not cooperate. So off with yellow and in with orange (though I must say it is a very cute orange).

I feel so grateful to live in a community where discrimination towards the LGBT population is fairly rare. In fact, I and many of my peers have been raised to see homophobia as taboo. From what I see in my high school community, it's the discriminatory that are forced to hide in that hypothetical "closet." I must point out that my statements are by no means intended to minimize the struggles faced by the LGBT community, this just happens to be the environment I am surrounded by; I live in a very liberal area and attend and very liberal high school (I think the fact that for my school's most recent play my schoolmates put on drag and performed Rocky Horror). I am also grateful that LGBT adults are provided with opportunities to have children too. I really do have some amazing friends that have been raised by either two moms or two dads. Mostly I am grateful that my LGBT friends are free to be open about who they really are and whom they really love. 
Two of my friends at L.A. Pride 2012

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