July 13, 2013


Oh man... an entire month between posts! I'm awful and stumped. I am trying to figure out what's causing my dilemma. Well first of all, this was a bad few weeks for a good blogging given that I was in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji for two weeks and then I got sick for six days.
New Zealand from the air, ain't it purtty?
I still have not decided how personal I want this blog to be. I feel like some women can go on and on about what they are up to, but am I that interesting? Maybe I can make myself sound interesting, because I'm sure that's what those ladies are doing. And do I want to talk about personal things? Where are my parameters and how craft/cooking-related does the personal stuff have to be? Ah, why am I asking you... THAT'S ANOTHER PROBLEM I'M TALKING TO NOBODY! I know I have not had my blog for long and I guess this is how all the blogs start, but I must admit it is hard writing for no one. I feel the need to address my audience but unfortunately I don't have one...YET.

Another problem, I feel like others have an easier time because they have kids. The blogger subset I inhabit is dominated by mothers who can whip up cute kiddy afternoon crafts with them and sew clothes for them too. I do not have kids (thankfully) but I feel that my blog is geared towards crafts and sewing projects for children and I enjoy sewing for them, but it's hard to not have little models.

And I say that I am stumped but I scroll through my photos and see tons of completed projects I should share but I should have shared them months ago, like Christmas crafts. Who wants to see a Christmas craft in July‽ (skilled use of the interrobang if I do say so myself).

I guess Holiday party photo booth will have to be saved for next December. 

Sigh, maybe it's a lack of motivation? The cherry on top of this all is I sent my camera off with my mom today so she can use it on her trip to New Mexico to enjoy the spa with my aunt who just reigned supreme in her battle against breast cancer (badass). I can still sneak pics with my dad's Canon Rebel when he's not looking (I prefer to use it anyway shh). But I just sent off all my recent picture that I had wished to share with out thinking. Now, I know that I can wait out the week for her to come back but whaaah, I want to share those photos now and for once make a post that coincides with real time. Alas I am still stumped. I guess I just have to push myself. I pledge to make a post every day (or try to) for the next week.

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